Oii SS20
Today we working with: GOTS, Öko-tex and GRS, recycled material from PET bottles.

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Hi! I´m from Göteborg.
And you?

Oii is a Swedish fashion brand for Kids. Born next to the iconic Röda Sten in Göteborg, we are inspired by the sea, the city’s industrial heritage and vibrant music scene. Since 2007, our most loyal fans are early adopters of original design and sustainability. Sounds like you? Join us!

Shop conscious
with Oii

  1. All garments certified by 2022
  2. Today: GOTS and Öko-tex
  3. GRS Certified
  4. Recycled PET bottles
  5. Recycled package and labels
  6. Print instead of polyester label
  7. Small and limited productions