To make safe and fun products for kids is what’s most important to us. We are always developing our products so they live up to EU:legislation for both physical properties with standardized testing och chemical properties such as REACH.

Safety first

A big focus of ours is also to make sure that the production is made in a safe way without any child labour, forced labour or in any other way damaging the health of the workers. We are constantly improving our transparency in the tier chain and spreading our values further down the line with our code of conduct and audits.

Good quality = sustainability

We think that a good quality product is the key to a sustainable product. Our main goal is to make our products last longer so that less stress is put in during manufacturing and also work with innovative materials and certifications. We are constantly looking at more sustainable options and how to improve our products in a way where sustainability and good quality does not take out one another.


•   79% of our fashion core assortment is made in a more sustainable way

•   45% of our total assortment is made in a more sustainable way.

•   Using recycled plastic från PET-bottles in backpacks and clothing

•   All functional wear is free from fluorocarbons

•   We work with GOTS certified cotton and Oeko-Tex® 100 certified textiles.